New commission board

07 Aug 2022

The FIP Literature Commission held its conference at Jakarta on 7 August 2022. The main issue was the election of the new board. The Commission Board is as follows: Chairman: Muhammad Javaid, UAE Secretary: Leong Andrew, Malaysia Bureau Member (FEPA): Maassen Wolfgang, Germany  Bureau Member (FIAF):    Casielles Miguel, Argentina  Bureau Member (FIAP): Chong Alan,…

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FIP Literature commission Conference approved SREV proposal

21 Jul 2022

The FIP Literature Commission had an extra conference via Zoom on 19 July 2022. The main topic was the approval of the revised SREV which the Commission Board had prepared. The Conference was attended by 21 delegates or proxies as well as the FIP liaison officer, Director Aldo Samame y Samame. The conference was opened…

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Delegate from Iraqi Philatelic Society

31 May 2022

The Iraqi Philatelic Society has nominated Mr. Nader Saad as its delegate for the Literature Commission. The Commission Board welcomes Mr. Nader!    

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New delegate from Chile

18 Mar 2022

The Federación de Sociedades Filatélicas de Chile (FESOFI-CHILE) has appointed Mr. Cristian Mouat as its delegate for the Literature commission. Mr. Mouat is the Editor of the philatelic magazine “Chile Filatélico”. The Commission Board welcomes Mr. Mouat!

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LONDON 2022 exhibition has started with 337 literature entries

19 Feb 2022

London 2022 International Philatelic Exhibition has opened its doors, after two years of waiting. It was originally planned to be held in 2020, but it had to be postponed due the COVID 19 pandemic. The show is a real feast for philatelic literature enthusiasts. The literature class consists of not less than 337 entries! In addition…

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New delegate

09 Feb 2022

The Asociación Filatelica de Caracas, A.C. (ASOFILCA) has appointed Mr. Carlos Romero as its delegate for the Literature commission. Mr. Romero is the Vice President of ASOFILCA. Mr. Romero’s contact address is available on the Delegates page. The Commission Board welcomes Mr. Romero!

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FIP Literature Commission meeting in London cancelled

26 Jan 2022

The FIP Literature commission meeting which was listed on the FIP website as well as on London 2022 exhibition website has been cancelled. The Commission Board is preparing a meeting to be held during Indonesia 2022 exhibition in August, 2022.

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London 2022 Covid update

28 Dec 2021

The latest London 2022 news update reads: Understandably, we are receiving numerous questions from all over the world asking whether or not the London 2022 exhibition will go ahead in light of the escalating Omicron variant of COVID 19. I can make a very clear statement: the Organising Committee of London 2022 has absolutely no…

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Proposal for a revised version of the literature regulations

13 Mar 2021

Current literature SREV dates back in 1985. Since then, the literature world has been revolutionized by digital media. Today the same contents can be in the form of a book, pdf, CD, electronic book, audio book or website. How should an entry be judged when the intellectual content of all these forms is the same?…

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Newsletter 1/2021 is out

13 Mar 2021

The newsletter of the commission is out. It gives the report of the Chairman of the committee as well as reports of the delegates from 20 countries. The newsletter can be found here.

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